Man’s chief end is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. On this side of eternity, we who have believed glorify and enjoy him not just by living a Godly life in the context of the local church, but also by seeking the glory of his name among the nations; that they too may come to know and enjoy him.

Even though the nations in our country and continent are naturally hostile to the gospel, and even though many professing Christians are still under the destructive sway of false teaching, providence often leaves them with many questions that cannot be answered by anything other than pure Biblical truth.

This is why Afrocalvinist exists.

It is both devotional and missional, penned by a few brothers, either from their own personal study of God’s word or in direct response to current affairs.

Thus instead of denying reality, negotiating with the world, withdrawing completely, or attacking the world in its current state, each author seeks by constant practice to discern between good and evil—and express it in writing, thereby witnessing to unbelievers while building up the body of Christ.